7 Surprising Home Allergens That No One Told You About

Many of us might be familiar with allergic symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose, wheezing, swollen lips, shortness of breath and cough. The symptoms range from mild to life-threatening and often we resolve to antihistamines to ease the discomfort. What is really the mechanism behind this phenomenon and why does it happen?

Allergic reactions happen when the body’s immune system reacts and tries to protect us from the allergens that have gained access to the body. The immune system releases the antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE) to fight back against the allergens.

Surprisingly, most of these allergens are harmless and some are even healthy for the body. Mast cells also participate in the allergic reaction by releasing a substance called histamine. Susceptible individuals often suffer allergic reactions of itching, swelling and even muscle spasm and shortness of breath.  In the name of survival and allergy-free life, it is best to identify potential causes of allergies as a precautionary measure.

Below are some of the surprising allergens at home that are interesting to know.

1. Leather

Having itchy feet after wearing leather shoes? Then you might be allergic to leather! Actually, the chemicals used in tanning the leather can be the cause of the itchiness called contact dermatitis. Consult a physician for a possible patch test to confirm your susceptibility to the allergen. For the meantime, wear socks when using leather shoes or better yet avoid wearing leather footwear.


2. Pollinated Food

If you develop an itchy mouth and throat when you get a bite of any pollinated fruits like apples, peaches, and bananas, then you might have an oral allergy syndrome. People who are susceptible to this type of allergy are allergic to pollen and may have eaten a fruit or vegetable that has the same protein content as the pollen. Symptoms are usually mild and do not require any treatment.

3. Mobile Phones

Some people are sensitive to radiation and microwaves. They easily develop urticaria and contact dermatitis even for the low levels of electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile phones. It’s possible that radiation shields and hands-free headsets may alleviate the allergic reactions but the only permanent solution would be to let go of these gadgets. Imagine living your life without it or live on antihistamines and corticosteroids for the rest of your allergic-to-mobile phone-life.

4. Water

A rare physical urticaria called Aquagenic urticaria wherein a susceptible person suffers from itchy red patches on the skin upon contact with water. This type of allergy practically wreaks havoc for those who are susceptible to it. The person endures the symptoms for 15 minutes to hours and treated with Capsaicin. The cause is unknown but experts believe that people who have this allergy are ultrasensitive to the water additives as opposed to the water itself.

5. Sunlight

Solar urticaria is a type of allergy that painfully presents itself with hives, rashes and skin inflammations upon direct exposure to sunlight. It could be very annoying especially during summer when outdoor activities are perfect ideas of fun. Sunscreen may help as a precautionary measure but for a more safeguarding measure wear wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and comfortable clothing. 


6. Sex/Semen

One of the many pleasures in life that could also help perpetuate humanity may be difficult for people who have hypersensitivity to human semen. This is extremely rare and may be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms of rashes, welts and burning sensation in the vaginal area may also overlap with some sexually transmitted disease symptoms. If you have the above symptoms within 10 minutes of contact then it is likely that you are one of a few women who are allergic to male ejaculate. No need to worry, you can always use a condom to enjoy sex. Do you want to have a child? You may opt for artificial insemination or adoption.

7. Money

Well, this is not an entire aversion to money but only the coins that are actually made of nickel. So, if you are sensitive to nickel then you are safe with paper bills, no problem!

Nickel is the most common triggers of allergy related dermatitis. The susceptible person may experience rashes, blisters, itching and dry skin within 1 to 2 days after exposure. It could get worst when the person starts to sweat. The usual relief of symptoms such as antihistamines, corticosteroids and over the counter creams may be used.


Allergic reactions may occur in ways and cause that are far beyond the usual plant, food or animals. We are now in the era that humans have developed hypersensitivity to harmless things, food and even the natural elements around us that are supposed to help us thrive. If you notice an allergic reaction to some of the unusual causes of allergies, do not easily shake off that thought. Remember that there are people who are allergic to water and the sun (of all things!). If you notice a pattern of allergic reactions, consult an allergist for more tests and measures to relieve the symptoms.

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