Pure Extraction Method

With increasing popularity of Herbalism or Alternate Medicine, there is no denying the power of nature’s medicinal properties in curing a host of seasonal and chronic diseases. It is imperative to get the extraction process right as the exact composition of an herbal product is influenced by its extraction method.

At Real Herbs, we only deploy the best form of extract, namely Pure Extraction Method, to convert the superior quality raw ingredients that have been hand-picked from the wild terrains into highly valuable supplements that exceed customer expectations. Extraction is a significant step in the analysis of constituents present in botanical and herbal preparations and needs to be executed with accurate detailing so that the substances of interest retain their characteristic usefulness. Unlike conventional extraction methods like Standardized Method that is used to create a controlled concentrate by isolating active ingredients from herbs, the Pure Extraction Method works by keeping the original composition of the plant intact as much as possible. This approach reaffirms our underlying belief that supplements work best when they are used in their native form and manner as nature meant them to be.

Every part of the plant, including those that possess the effectual ingredients, is extracted to retain the plant’s natural harmony and balance. Care is exerted to ensure that the functional constituents are not lost, distorted or destroyed during the extract preparation. The resultant supplement is a refined product with potent remedial properties that has inherited all the natural goodness of the herb.

Our formulations are designed to cater to our customer requirements aptly. Thus, detailed analysis goes into determining their health needs and wants. This insight is used in a selection of valuable raw ingredients that have been endorsed by traditional medicine and latest clinical researches for their curative qualities in the treatment of the identified health hazards. Our unadulterated raw ingredients trace their roots to natural habitats and are either grown organically or imported if necessary. Only reputable and organic accredited suppliers work with us to ensure that the harvested plants are genuine and free from harmful chemicals. The ingredients are sterilized till such time the manufacturing process begins.

Our FDA certified state-of-the-art labs in US are ideal for manufacturing of supplements under hygienic conditions to prevent contamination of any kind. At every juncture from the start to the finish, the product, in its various stages, undergoes rigid laboratory tests to validate accurate product selection, potency and purity levels. While different types of solvent systems are available for extraction such as methanol, ethanol, dichloromethane etc., yet Pure Extraction Method is most fruitful as it entails the extraction of the fresh plants or their powdered forms using water or organic solvent systems. An elaborate water filtration and purification process is used to distil the extract liquid that is used to prepare the potent dietary supplements with a broad range of medicinal benefits.

This advanced extraction process yields a superior spectrum that is near mimic of the botanical raw material and free of chemical solvents. Certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, our uncompromising manufacturing processes ensure that only desired broad-spectrum extracts are delivered to our consumers in the purest form possible.