Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries in the world, with 4.8 million of its people being deprived of education, food, and health assistance. The dire lack of public transportation and infrastructure adds up to these old-time problems.

The results of unreliable transportation, including missed doctor appointments, lack of better education, and opportunities fuel Real Herbs Limited to raise funds and distribute bicycles to these communities.

 By giving bicycles, the company can help the locals cycle their way to better places, chances, and eventually lives. This simple mode of transportation allows people to get to school, hospitals, and work.

Most of the beneficiaries include school children in rural communities in Cambodia.

Every young Cambodian can now travel 3 to 5 kilometers through the bicycle, helping them focus and be motivated to go to school and finish their education, which is a proven pathway out of poverty. Indeed, this benefits the recipients and their families. 

These bicycles also allow the children to explore educational opportunities, which are limited without sufficient means of transportation. 

“A bicycle can help break the transportation barrier these Cambodians have been experiencing. Apart from students, we had given bicycles to families who can now sell their goods to other places and double their income”.