Ten vegan bloggers who deserve a bit of a mention


Being a vegan can be a tough lifestyle.  It limits meal-times dramatically, as no dairy and no meat of any kind leaves very few ingredients of the modern chef left.  Therefore, there is a lot of interest in the blogging world.  Vegans write for their community, helping others to understand how they can still eat nutritious and tasty meals.

So, here we explore the ten most notable blogs out there in the blogosphere.

Number 1: The Full Helping (Formerly known as Choosing Raw) 

This blog contains many amazing vegan recipes.  However, the site also focuses on the issues and ideas surrounding veganism.  There are posts on ethics, body image, eating disorders, emotional eating and the importance of learning how to love ourselves.  You will see that the helpings offered are pretty healthy – showing that you can eat with luxury, whilst eating ethically. 

Our Favorite Recipe: Peaches with vanilla ginger cashew cream and pistachios

Vegan bloggers

Number 2: Deliciously Ella

What makes this site so inspirational is that the writer, Ella, came back from a rare illness which meant she had to resort to a plant-based, allergen-friendly diet.  She became driven by her mission to share her healthy, vegetable based food, which will help you feel incredible!  She talks about her recovery and the difficulties she faced to become well – be inspired and eat well.  Give her recipes a look, they are particularly rich in colour and the site will be a delight for your eyes.

Our Favorite Recipe: Zesty Easter Scones

Zesty Easter Scones

Number 3: Pickles N Honey 

This girl can write.  Amanda has packed her site with some wonderful recipes.  She is an SEO expert, so spends her life writing for the internet and it really shows.  These recipes drip with sensual detail – made from simple, seasonal and fresh ingredients.  You will be particularly impressed by the recipes under 30 minutes that use foods that are ready for harvest near you mow.  There is a certain American tilt to the blog, so seasonal might be American seasonal, but this will not impact on your surprise at some of the combinations and the tasty food offered.

Our Favorite Recipe: No-Bake Dark Chocolate Chickpea Pie with Pretzel Crust

Pickles and Honey

Number 4: Oh my veggies 

Although not strictly just vegan, you can’t miss out on this site – mostly because it contains a load of tutorials to help you learn how to cook healthy vegan and vegetarian food.  So, if you are just starting out on the path of being a vegan, this blog is worth a visit.  The site also provides some useful nutrition tips and some roundups of the best recipes on the web.  So, this is an all-round excellent site for a beginner.

Our Favorite Recipe: Korean Barbecue Tofu Bowls with Stir-Fried Veggies and Quinoa

Korean Tofu


Number 5: Healthy Happy Life 

Well, this site is full of enthusiasm and inspiration.  Kathy Patalsky is the founder of a vegan recipe website, as well as the writer of this blog.  She so obviously loves food, particularly healthy food.  There are video interviews from other vegans too, who can inspire you to keep going with your commitment to vegan food.  So, if your interest is waning and you feel an urge for meat, listen to these people speak about how great they feel with vegan food.

Our Favorite Recipe: Skillet Apple Turnover Triangles

Vegan Apple Turnover


Number 6: Thug Kitchen 

As the title suggests, this site is full of fun.  It is certainly not what you expect from the fluffy and sometimes mocked world of vegans.  This site is full of expletives and is a little blunt at times, maybe a little too much for some people’s taste.  Be warned – there could be every chance that if you are easily offended, then you will be by this site.  But, the humour is welcome and the food is simple and affordable.  So, maybe there is a chance you could find this site highly entertaining.

Our Favorite Recipe: Spaghetti & Bean Balls

Thug Kitchen

Number 7: The Viet Vegan

Despite the title, this blog hails from Toronto, Canada.  However, the food does have a Vietnamese twist and therefore offers some interesting tastes and flavours.  This is clear in the use of fresh vegetables and vegan fish – take a look at how peaches are used with vegan fish – then you will know that there is a lot of imagination on this site.  Some of the blogs are written with great honesty and humour – well worth a read, even if you are not interested in trying any of the food.

Our Favorite Recipe: Almond Crusted Baked Eggplant

Number 8: Keepin’ it Kind 

As the title suggests, the lovely Kristy is really quite kind.  This site is also wonderfully creative – with some really clever recipes which will stop you missing your meat.  Just listen to the title of this recipe: Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza… you want to try that one, surely.

Our Favorite Recipe: Creamy Mushroom Mac and Cheese

Number 9: Vegan Richa 

The tagline to this site is “eating plants until we photosynthesise” – now, you have got to love that attitude.  Richa shares her experience of food through some delicious looking recipes.  What is special about this site is that there are some impressive Indian flavours and use of spices which bring in a great variety of world cuisines.  This is one of the particular favourites of vegans worldwide – so it is worth going to see what secret world you might be missing out on.

Our Favorite Recipe: Chana Masala Hummus, Cherry Tomatoes, Veggies Rustic Pizza

Number 10: Vegan in the Freezer

All it takes is one recipe to persuade you that a blog is worth visiting or not.  Here it is the wonders of Double Chocolate Brownie Stack.  One brownie, with chocolate icing, then another brownie, with chocolate icing, all stack on top of each other.  Pretty amazing! And, certainly more than you expect from a vegan diet.  This is a fun site and a lot of the food looks visually amazing! It could even help you to introduce your kids to a vegan option – really good news if you have a child with lactose intolerance.

Our Favorite Recipe: Double Chocolate Brownie Stack

Vegan Double Chocolate Brownie Stack

So, with such variety of sites, it seems that the vegan diet is not as two-dimensional as popular opinions have us believe.  Even if you still enjoy meat at times, this healthy diet alternative can really boost your nutritional intake and make you feel happy and uplifted.


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