Improve Prostate Health and Reduce Midnight Trips to the Toilet

How many times through the night do you have to get up to use the toilet?  Has it got to the point that you are annoying your wife?  Do you dread going to the bathroom because of the pain when urinating?  It is also likely that you dribble urine, no longer achieving the rapid flow that was common in your younger days. It is also possible that you might struggle with pain in your back or hips or your pelvis.  These are not symptoms that can be ignored easily but quite a lot of men try.

Improve Prostate Health


You might feel isolated with your condition but you are far from being alone.  Prostate health is a common concern for most of us and many see prostate problems as a normal progression of ageing.  The prostate gland continues to get bigger as we grow older and therefore the gland impedes on the space for the bladder and on the urethra.  The urethra is the tube through which urine passes and when pressed by the prostate the gap for the passage of urine becomes partially blocked. If you imagine the plumbing in your house, it is the equivalent of someone stepping on a pipe.  However, the annoying problem of frequent unsatisfying urination, which might be a topic of fun for others, stops being funny when urinating becomes painful, as does sex and you have noticed blood in the urinal.

Unfortunately, our prostate health, specifically problems with our prostate, is not a topic of conversation we like to enter in to.  It is likely that we will fear the examination of both the penis and the rectum.  We fear that if we manage to get over the natural reluctance of most men to seeing a medic we will then have to talk about personal matters, such as the performance of the penis during sex.  It is also likely that you fear cancer, we all would. However, in all seriousness, this only makes getting it checked out even more important.  More than not you will be told it is a benign condition but you should never assume.  If prostate cancer is caught early you will have a high chance of being fine and retaining all the function you have now.  So, getting to the doctor early to maintain prostate health is crucial.  Many medics believe that men between 50 and 80 should have yearly prostate checks, the same way women have mammograms and cervical smears, such is the regularity of problems to occur.

If you go get checked out it is likely that the doctor will tell you that the problem is caused by BPH. Benign Prostate Hyperglasia can impact men at any age, though it becomes much more common over the age of 50 and you are almost certain to suffer over the age of 80.  At present there is no known reason for the growth of the prostate.  Scientists are exploring environmental and genetic causes.  These are considered because there have been higher proportion of African American men found to struggle with prostate problems.  However, there is also thought to be some connection to diet, with men who eat a lot of fat also likely to develop issues.

If when checked you are told it is the result of the growing of the prostate, the doctor will use a strategy called watchful waiting.  This means you will be asked to participate in active surveillance of your toilet habits to make sure the problem is not getting worse.  However, you may still be keen to look for some form of relief from the unpleasant symptoms.  There is no need to live with the disturbances to your sleep and the discomfort every time you go to the toilet.  This can tell on your level of contentment and may make normal life a chore.

Stinging Nettle Supplement is an herbal remedy that has been shown to have positive effects on the symptoms of prostate problems.  The stinging nettle is the name given to the common nettle, garden nettle and hybrids of these plants.  It Is the weed that grows commonly in your garden, blooming in particular between June and September.  It is an upright stem that can grow to up to four feet high.  It is best known for having stiff hairs in the underside of the leaves that release a stinging chemical into the skin when touched.  The supplement is made from the leaves and the stems, though sometimes the roots are used too.

It is a supplement that has been said to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and with effects as an antiviral. Scientists also claim it has the power to help improve the immune system.  As such, the stinging nettle is the most valuable herbal remedy around.  It is a slow acting herb, that helps gently stimulate the lymphatic system, which makes your body efficient in the excretion of wastes through the kidneys.  It also helps the liver process proteins.  The nettle has a high level of vitamin C and helps the body absorb iron.

The impact of stinging nettle has been so profound on prostate problems that even mainstream science is exploring its use.  In a recent study of one hundred patients who suffer with Benign Prostate Hyperglasia, scientists found that stinging nettle helped to significantly reduce the size of an enlarged prostate.  This study reflects the amazing results of stinging nettle in other studies both to reduce prostate size and serum PSA (prostate specific antigen). In Germany, results suggest that nettle’s root combined with palmetto berries can be a cure to BPH. Some scientists suggest it doesn’t reduce the size of the prostate but still accept it reduces symptoms, believing this is because that the supplement impacts on hormones in the body.

Improve Prostate Health

Therefore, there is no question in medical fields that stinging nettle works.  The science is now focused on understanding how stinging nettle supplement helps.  Scientists have found that the nettle possesses compounds that may inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.  This enzyme helps because it converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a potent androgen hormone which is attributed as the cause for the growth of the prostate.  This hormone is also the reason older men have less testosterone and suffer hair loss.  The majority of this conversion of testosterone into DHT happens in the prostate and the hair follicles.  By using stinging nettle, you will prevent these androgenising effects that result from DHT.

Stinging nettle has always been an important part of folk and alternative medicine.  However, it is one of the first herbal supplements that is likely to cross the aisle into accepted medical treatment for the effects of prostate growth.  Some studies are willing to make the claim that stinging nettle is as effective as the drug Finasteride, which is the drug commonly prescribed for BPH.  

Potential Side Effects

Unlike Finasteride, the side effects of stinging nettle are minimal.  The drug Finasteride has potential side effects of a loss of libido and impotency.  It is also common to feel dizzy, confusion, chills and sweating with the drug used to treat Benign Prostate Hyperglasia. The side effect of stinging nettle includes some instances of upset stomach and diarrhoea and maybe a rash.  Therefore, with a similar impact to the chemical drug, the more natural supplement of stinging nettle is likely to be a preferred option.  The adverse effects of Finasteride might be an unacceptable compromise on most men’s life and therefore a more natural approach to treatment is preferred.

Like with all herbal remedies you should speak to your doctor to make sure this is the right option for you.  First and foremost, you should get the issue thoroughly checked out because it might not be a benign condition.  However, the doctor will also help you to consider if you are more at risk from the stomach upset or the allergic reaction of a rash that can sometimes arise from taking the supplement.  There is also some evidence to suggest that stinging nettle might interact with diabetic medicines, so this will need to be monitored closely.  It also interacts will Warfarin, Clopidogrel and Aspirin, which are used for antiplatelet and anticoagulation and with drugs for high blood pressure.  Therefore, again, speak to your doctor to make sure stinging nettle is the right supplement for you.

However, there is no doubting that medics and scientists agree that stinging nettle can provide a lot of hope for men who struggle with the embarrassing symptoms of an enlarged prostate.  The possible drug interactions and minor side effects are nothing in comparison to the possible impotence caused by synthetic drugs that treat the prostate.  These side effects are also minor when you have spent months unable to sleep because you are constantly woken to go to the toilet.

Important Reminder!

BPH is a serious medical condition and you should not self-medicate.  You should always visit a doctor when you experience the symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.  The pain, the bleeding and the difficulty urinating, even though you want to pass urine all the time: these also describe the symptoms of prostate cancer.  It is tempting to avoid visiting the doctor when you have a concern that there might be something serious.  However, prostate cancer is highly treatable when caught early.  

Stinging Nettle, especially in combination with Palmetto, has been really effective in relieving the symptoms of BPH and this is a choice that you could make.  However, first it is important to make sure that the condition is benign and that the doctor agrees that you need only take medication and not more aggressive intervention with the condition.

In short…

Improve Prostate Health

Who knew that the pesky weed that you worked so hard to rid of from your garden was such a useful herbal supplement.  Not only is it commonly used in prostate health but also in the treatment of arthritis, kidney stones, bleeding conditions, skin complaints and unhealthy hair.  However, when you cannot sleep and when you struggle with pain during ejaculation, the idea that there is a natural remedy to help is a blessing.  The side effects of prescribed drugs are often unacceptable but doctors can be reluctant to accept the help of nature.  With stinging nettle there is no such reluctance.  Scientific studies are willing to accept that stinging nettle has properties that can relieve the symptoms of prostate.   Some scientists claim to have proven that nettle can reduce the size of the prostate.  Therefore, it seems a natural conclusion, choose the supplement to help improve your prostate health.

The stinging nettle can help to reduce the size of the prostate and therefore relieve the symptoms of difficulty urinating but the constant nagging demand to go to the toilet.  If you are over 50 it is probably best not to wait until the symptoms arrive.  Taking Stinging Nettle Supplement is helpful in a host of other conditions and could prevent you from ever having to suffer the discomfort from your prostate.

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