Eat, Pray, Relax

Are you under severe stress lately and on the verge of losing it? The paperwork does not seem to stop coming. The boss is unhappy with your output and the coffee maker will not start.  

People in all lifestyles endure the everyday stress, pressure and problems in all forms. Here are some simple tips on how to have a well deserved moment of bliss.


You will probably find yourself craving for comfort food when under stress. It might do good to consume in moderation as we often equate calories with the amount of stress we are going through. An additional inch on the waist or another kilo on the scale will not do any good for your self-esteem. Below are some of the suggested food (and drinks) that might suit you well during low times.

Chocolates – Darker chocolates provide more benefits for the heart. This forever-favourite treat regulates the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the brain, thereby giving you that much needed sense of “lift”.

Fruits There are some fruits that will do wonders for your mood. A delicious example would be avocado. A thin slice of this folate rich fruit adds a yummy twist to your sandwiches. Avocados contain healthy fats that boost our mood and improve our sense of wellbeing.

Munch a Snack – A bag of celery sticks will be a healthy alternative to the chips that we undeniably desire. Well, some salty crackers might do the trick too.

Chamomile Tea – Imagine yourself seated at your favourite nook with a mug of this hot tea on a cold night. Isn’t that image very calming and peaceful? Chamomile tea helps reduce anxiety and promote sleep.

Comfort Foods – The idea of a comfort food is something that you are comfortable eating and makes you feel good afterwards. Some are the foods that we want to munch after a hard day’s work! Fried chicken, baked spaghetti, French fries, pizza, mashed potato, and many more. The list is endless. Consuming in moderation is still key.


This is the time to tap your inner self and feel the sense of peace. This is a moment to realize your existence in this world. The following are some tips on how to achieve a peaceful time for one.

Meditate – This form of reflection need not be complicated. Find a perfect time, such as in the early hours of the morning when everyone else is still asleep. Identify a comfortable spot inside or outside your house that is free from noise and other distraction. Sit with your spine straight and breathe in and out consciously. This form of relaxed conscious breathing will take away your thoughts from anxiety.

Take a nap – A power nap may lift your spirits afterwards. Have a soft pillow in the office and if the rules will allow a nap time, always go for it.  

Close your eyes – When you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes for a moment. It is a quick way to bring back focus.  However, do not do it while you are driving.

Take a stroll – Choose your location first. Remember to stay away from places that will cause more stress. A walk in the park would be ideal or perhaps a hike to that prayer mountain will do well for your heart and soul.

RELAX (and have fun!)

Any form of relaxation will be beneficial for your mind and body. However, do not forget to find time to have fun too! Being alone with oneself might be the ultimate form of relaxation for some. Nevertheless, some people would need a form of human interaction to keep them from feeling alone and upset. The list below will probably spark some ideas.

Watch a Movie – Whether alone or with friends, this is an easy and inexpensive form of fun that you can reward yourself with.

Start a Hobby – When you feel like having some quality alone time, start doing something you like at home. A hobby of some sorts like gardening, crocheting, painting, will get your mind away from stress.

Organize coffee time with friends – Do you want to keep in touch with the world now? Call some friends and meet up at your local cozy bar. It might be great to do this after office hours or during weekends. Set a follow up date that all of you can look forward to happen.

Weekend Outings – This sounds like a great idea for a perfect adventure! Pack up your gear and go camping with family and friends.

Taking a breather is necessary. Remember to pause whenever needed, relax and smile. Remember that it is your race against yourself. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your own.

Here are some natural herbs that can do wonders for your mood.


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