The Best Testosterone Boosting Foods For Men

One of the few men on earth who is probably not deficient with the hormone, testosterone, is Popeye. Yes, this cartoon character with very prominent biceps and hefty sex appeal would be the perfect model of a testosterone-rich man.

Testosterone or the “T” hormone is always linked to a man’s manliness! More muscle, better mental focus and great sexual performance are some of the macho “capacities” that men do not want to lose as he gets old. Unfortunately, the normal course of aging does include a dip in the “T” levels. Apart from the possibility of losing these manly capacities, low “T” side effects also include hair loss, fat gain, muscle loss, depression and heart disease. With more than 13 million men in the US diagnosed with low “T”, the condition is getting serious and far from sexy.

However, there is no need to worry too much because there are many natural ways to get a testosterone boost, and diet plays a major role. You may want to stack up your refrigerator or pantry with these testosterone boosting foods and never go “T” hungry again!


Basically, all types of potatoes can provide you with the best source of carbohydrates that is very important in testosterone production. This starchy tuber is an excellent non- gluten source of carbohydrates.  This time, grains would not be a good source of carbohydrates because of the presence of gluten. Gluten may increase prolactin hormone levels, that also messes up with “T” production.


Now you know why Popeye is your perfect “T” rich man! Does he ever eat anything except spinach? The leafy vegetable is famous for its delicious role in our favourite salads, dips, and side dishes. The good old spinach is famous as a major source of manganese, an important nutrient for muscle development. Studies show that manganese is involved in the reproductive function of old and young men.


There is a famous correlation of how the oysters resemble the female genitalia and eating them would somehow increase men’s sexual desire. That is an interesting claim but aside from that “visual” association, oysters are indeed rich in dopamine, which increases sexual desire and testosterone levels. Oysters are also rich in zinc, which is needed for great sexual performance.

  • EGGS

This favorite breakfast staple is a perfect protein source. Do not be wary of the cholesterol in egg yolks because it is a direct precursor to testosterone production!

Did you know that the American Heart Association has removed eggs from their “condemned” list? So load up on your eggs and enjoy a great amino acid balance from a highly nutritious and testosterone boosting meal.



Mushrooms help prevent the production of the enzyme aromatase, a hormone that converts androgen to estrogen. An increase in the female hormone estrogen is naturally not good if you need more of the male hormone testosterone.



Along with other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts, broccoli is one delicious vegetable that will do wonders for your “T” levels. This vegetable is rich in a compound called “indoles” that help break down and wash out excess estrogen from the system. The female hormone estrogen must not play a major part in a man’s system if he wants  his “T” levels to dominate.


There seems to be no shortage of the health benefits of this kitchen staple. Garlic contains a compound called diallyl-disulfide, which plays a major role in triggering the production of the male hormone testosterone.

These are just some of the many testosterone boosting foods that you can easily source from the market. It is not difficult to make a dietary transition to regain your testosterone levels. Along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, a well-planned diet is a good start in your journey to enhance your “T” levels. Know your options and always consult your physician.

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