Yohimbe Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction and Weight Loss


Yohimbe is a natural aphrodisiac and a fat burner which is increasingly becoming the preferred option for many who suffer from poor libido and obesity. The curative plant exhibits itself as an evergreen tree with roots in central and western Africa. Yohimbe is also popularly referred to as Yohimbine, Corynanthe Yohimbe, Yohimbe Bark and Pausinystalia Yohimbe. Amongst its many usages, the most potent Yohimbe benefits include aiding weight loss and addressing sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual urge in men and women. Other Yohimbe benefits are manifested in the form of enhanced athletic performance and mitigation of a host of physical conditions like chest pain, fatigue, high or low blood pressure, nerve pain and depression.

Enriched with goodness, the evergreen tree is garnering world-wide recognition for its highly beneficial bark which contains a chemical called Yohimbine, the magical component that goes into formulation of therapeutic drugs. 

How does Yohimbe Aid Erectile Dysfunction?

Yohimbe Benefits

Yohimbe is a natural stimulant that increases adrenalin levels in the body. The chemical constituent, Yohimbine, triggers blood flow and nerve impulses to the sexual organs which augments erections naturally. The aphrodisiac Yohimbe benefits are derived from Yohimbine’s suppressant effect on the anti-aphrodisiac properties of alpha-2-adrenergic receptors and Yohimbine’s ability to aid noradrenaline release. Hence, Yohimbe is a natural choice for treating erectile dysfunction and enhancing libido in men and women. The active ingredient of Yohimbe, Yohimbine, is known to relieve sexual problems induced by certain medications that are used to treat depression. Yohimbe also works well in conjunction with other natural aphrodisiacs like Horny Goat Weed in arousing increased erections.

Clinical studies also suggest that the pro-erectile qualities of Yohimbine may be linked to free testosterone. However, adequate favourable results are yet to be established in this context. In separate studies on rats, Yohimbe benefits were exhibited in conjunction with Viagra. Yohimbe was found to boost the pro-erectile traits of Viagra when taken as a supplement along with it. Reports also indicate that it has the potential to cure male impotence.

Several studies on humans have concluded that Yohimbe benefits encompass increased sexual vitality, amplified sexual appetite and prolonged erections. Yohimbe boosts the central nervous system as well as nitric oxide levels in the body. These are the main factors that heighten sexual performance in men and women.

How does Yohimbe Induce Weight Loss?
Yohimbe Benefits
Yohimbe benefits are not limited to its libido enhancing properties only. It is fast becoming a rage amongst the fitness enthusiasts for its weight loss characteristics. Yohimbe promotes reduction in fat mass as Yohimbine is a fat-burning compound. It works by inhibiting the regulatory process in the fat cells that prevents burning of fat. No wonder it is tough on stubborn fat that refuses to melt even with stringent diet and exercise. Typically, belly fat and fat around the thighs belong to this genre. The versatile Yohimbe is available in the form of a topical cream apart from the regular capsules and tablets. Fat zones like thighs exhibit high levels of alpha-2-adrenergic receptors due to estrogen. Thus, one can target specific areas like these with application of the cream. 

Beta Receptors 

The lipolytic Yohimbine benefits are obtained by influencing the beta subunits of the adrenergic receptors of the fat cells. The beta subunits are responsible for stimulating fat loss as they have a positive impact on the activity of the Adenyl Cyclase enzyme as well as the cAMP levels, factors that stimulate lipolysis in fat cells. 

Alpha-2-Adrenergic Receptors 

Likewise, inactivation of the alpha-2-adrenergic receptors leads to better preservation of fat- burning mechanism. The alpha 2 receptors are usually predominant in the breast, abdomen, buttocks and thighs – areas that are more prone to fat accumulation. Yohimbine is an alpha-adrenergic blocking agent with higher affinity for the alpha 2 subunit, in particular, the alpha-2c subunit. As a result, it increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for body’s response to stress) which causes more amounts of norepinephrine and epinephrine (also known an adrenaline) to be released in the blood stream. 

The alpha 2 receptors inhibit lipolysis when they come across the circulating norepinephrine and epinephrine. Hormones like norepinephrine and epinephrine stimulate the release of fatty acids in the blood. These fatty acids are meant to oxidise rapidly unless they are further elevated by over-eating and inactivity. A high level of fatty acids in blood concentration is favourable for fat storage. The alpha-2-adrenergic antagonistic Yohimbe benefits can free up the above mentioned hormones, making them further available for the beta receptors.

In a nutshell, Yohimbe benefits weight loss by inhibiting the alpha receptors that suppress fat metabolism and promoting the beta subunits that aid loss of fat mass. It is now widely proclaimed as a slimming drug and embraced by many who have tried all possible means to shed those extra pounds but have not been highly successful.


Yohimbe demonstrates minimal adverse effects if consumed in the recommended dosage. You may experience mild side-effects like nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness and nervousness while on medication. These symptoms can be easily managed if you are prepared upfront regarding the drug-related consequences. However, as with any other supplement, care should be exercised while consuming Yohimbe with the intent to experience Yohimbe benefits like weight loss and / or improvement in erectile dysfunction in specific scenarios. 

Yohimbe, being highly stimulatory, should be taken with caution when contemplating usage with caffeine as it can have adverse impact on the cardiovascular system. Those prone to extreme anxiety should seek medical consultation prior to Yohimbe intake as it may further aggravate the condition. Yohimbe is known to interact with other medications that are meant for treating neurological disorders. Hence, medical advice is recommended before consumption. Obese individuals with cardiovascular complications should consult their health practitioners regarding possible complications as an after-math. Exceptionally high dosages have been reported to trigger tachycardia and hypertension. Yohimbe is also not advisable during pregnancy.


Since Yohimbe is a natural supplement, it is generally considered safe as compared to the synthetic over-the-counter drugs. One should start with a small dose to assess tolerance to the supplement before the dosage amount is increased for far-reaching effects. When taken in optimal proportions while bearing the above in mind, it is indeed a godsend for treating erectile dysfunction and obesity naturally.

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