Real Herbs Limited Announces They Now Accept Bitcoin on Their Online Store

Natural herbs supplement company, Real Herbs, announces customers can now buy high-quality herbal supplements and products in their online store with bitcoin for easier and faster payment processing

Claymont, Delaware: Real Herbs, a company dedicated to using natural herbs to promote a healthy lifestyle, is excited to announce they now accept bitcoin on their website That means customers now have an additional payment option that is faster, safer, and more efficient, with low or no fees paid.

The online store has a massive collection of natural herbs and supplements for various ailments and health conditions. Customers can shop products for blood pressure support, blood health, glucose management, men’s and women’s health, digestion support, sleep, hormone balance, longevity, immune support, etc.

Their highest selling product is the Stinging Nettle Root Extract, which provides prostate support for people who frequently visit the bathroom. It encourages the secretion of uric acid, which promotes kidney, bladder, and prostate health, and prevents frequent night urination. Using the product has helped improve sleep for many, especially older people.

Real Herbs Limited was founded in 2008 by visionaries who want to explore the power of nature and use it to improve health and lifestyle for humanity. The company prides itself on providing high-quality herbs made with organic ingredients from reliable sources. They invest in research and development to create natural health supplement to solve medical and health issues. Their products have real dosage/mg, strength, and potency. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Since its establishment, Real Herbs has always worked tirelessly to add value to its clients through technology and innovation. Including bitcoin as an additional payment option is another great customer experience initiative to help customers quickly get their favourite supplement and make fast payment.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment option is growing and gaining more attention, even among top corporations. For example, Elon Musk announces that customers can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin. Etsy, Burger King, KFC, PayPal, Whole Foods now accept bitcoin. Celebrities and business tycoon are also into cryptocurrency, including Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square, who purchased 4,709 bitcoins in October 2020. Mike Tyson, Snoop Dog, Steven Seagal, Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather, and Richard Branson have either invested in Bitcoin or accepted it as payment for goods and services.

Real Herbs Limited is joining this league of forward-thinking and innovative minds to provide an easier and faster way for shoppers to pay for goods and services. Customers can browse through the store, add any item of their choice to the cart, and select bitcoin as their preferred payment option.

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About Real Herbs Limited

Real Herbs Limited is a natural herbal supplement company based in Claymont, Delaware. The company’s philosophy is to help find the solution for sicknesses and diseases using the power of natural herbs. The ingredients for making the supplements come from rich and fertile terrains of Asia and made in the USA.


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