Herbal Remedies To Relieve Bloating From Indigestion

Suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of bloating? While they may be tolerable and manageable by many, sometimes the level of severe discomfort calls for intervention.

Although changes in diet would be the first step in achieving gas relief, there are cases where we usually go for the quick fix from the drug store. Before you take in that pill, let us share with you some of the natural herbs that may help prevent bloating and alleviate indigestion.

Going Herbal for Gas

A “bursting” feeling is not the most pleasurable sensation at all. If you frequently feel bloated, especially after a heavy meal, try these natural herbs.

Ginger Tea – This is a well-known and effective carminative herb. Carminative means “to relieve gas and soothe the digestive tract”. It calms digestive movements and expels gas. The gingerols found in ginger also relieve abdominal pain, which usually comes with bloating. You can enjoy it as ginger tea by boiling ginger in hot water or simply stir in some instant powdered ginger in hot water.

Fennel Seeds Tea – These seeds have carminative, diuretic, anti microbial and pain relieving properties. They work by relaxing muscle spasms in the digestive tract, thereby preventing the formation of gas. After eating a heavy meal, chew on a few seeds or prepare them as a tea by putting in a teaspoon of the seeds in a cup of hot water. After that, strain the tea and enjoy while hot.

Chamomile Tea – A herbal tea that has anti spasmodic and anti inflammatory properties. It can pacify the stomach and help with heartburn too. Place a sachet into hot water and add some lemon, honey as desired. Enjoy the tea two to three times a day in between meals.

Peppermint Tea – This is one of everyone’s favourite post-meal teas. It gives you that soothing cool effect because of the menthol oil in it, which also has an anti spasmodic effect on the digestive tract. Chew on some fresh and washed leaves to relieve bloating or enjoy it as a tea, with two to three cups a day.

Free yourself from the discomfort of a bloated stomach. Avoid feeling “puffed” after a heavy meal. You may try the natural herbs above but if the symptoms persist, have yourself checked by a doctor.

Check out some recommended natural herbal products for bloating and indigestion here.

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